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Identixweb believes in converting your Ideas into Reality

Our Team

Every experience makes us grow

Identixweb is a growing, innovative technology firm, headquartered in downtown Surat, INDIA. We provide a wide range of products and services, including Web and Software Development, Shopify Application and Web Design. These platforms are utilized to solve your crucial problems and we ensure that our clients get the most benefits out of it.

Our methodology in creating a unique website design

Identixweb began with web development, WordPress theme and plugin development, and Shopify Apps Development. Now, we use that background today to provide the best in solutions to our client’s technology problems. The company was set up in 2015 to provide consulting services and procurement of technology products. To achieve the latter, Identixweb launched its own Shopify public apps in the app store. Identixweb.com provides access to our products, including WordPress themes and plugins. Our team at Identixweb specializes in website design, web applications, mobile apps, and other development services. We assist our clients with creating customary applications that are responsive, of a comprehensible unique design and tailored towards our client’s business objectives.

Save Costs

Our clients are getting awesome websites without causing excessive expenses. The solutions are customized according to the business requirements. Our aim is to provide affordable and reliable solutions to clients. The exhaustive list of our existing business has savings of over millions of dollars of every month which proves our cost-efficiency in the market (market option). Our company has shown an excellent performance in cost savings of up to USD 12000 for a small size firm and USD 20,000 to USD 100,000 for larger companies. Moreover, we offer usable and unique designs in our software and web solutions which help in credibility and maintaining increased productivity.