Local Delivery

Restrict the delivery where you are not supposed to deliver the products.

→ Add all zip codes where the delivery is eligible for the products you allow to deliver.

  • Postal code:
    •  Include the area/postal codes for allowing the delivery to it.
  • Product availability: 
    • Allow local delivery for all products or for some specific products.
  • Add tags to local delivery
  • Date settings:
    •  Time Zone
    • Disable Dates
    • Maximum Delivery Interval Days
    • Minimum Delivery Days
    • First Day of calendar
    • Cut-off time
    • Special Days: You can specify the special days like a holiday/off days or any other days like festivals. So if you want to add a specific delivery time for these days, you can add and deliver the product.

→ Check the below screenshot of the output from the Local Delivery addon.