How can I move/relocate the Order Delivery Date calendar?

Change Delivery Date Position

→ Show Datepicker specific position in your cart page needs to insert below code in cart.liquid file.
→ Most of the themes are using a cart-template.liquid file to show the content on the cart page.
→ To find the file from the theme, please follow the below steps:

  • Login in to your shopify website using the correct credentials
  • Go to the Online Store
  • Click on the Actions dropdown menu right to the published theme and click on the Edit code option
  • After clicking on Edit code, you’ll be redirected to theme files
  • Search for the cart template by writing cart from the search option
  • Select cart.liquid from the search result and add the code if that file has all codes to show the cart content
  • If the cart.liquid file have code {% section 'cart-template' %} then select cart-template.liquid file from the search result

→ Now, Insert the below code in the file on the proper position where you want to show Datepicker and save the file.
→ <div class="identixweb-order-delivery"></div>
→ In our debut theme, the cart-template.liquid file is the correct file that is using cart content.

For a quick view of all the above steps, please check the below image.