General Settings

Date Format

  • You can select you preferred timezone from this to work the delivery calendar according to that timezone

Date and Time Required

  • Make the delivery and time mandatory for selection

Mark order completed when order fulfilled completely

  • When the order is completely fulfilled. It will be marked completed automatically in our app.

Hide Addition Checkout Button

  • It will hide the additional checkout buttons like GPay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, ShopPay, etc until the delivery and time are not selected by the customers.
  • Once the delivery date and time has been selected, all payment buttons will be visible automatically.

Auto-select first available date & time

  • Once this option is enabled, the first available delivery date and time will be selected automatically from the calendar and time selector.

Calendar Display Style

  • With input box
  • In-Line

Please check the options from the below screenshot

Order Delivery Date - General Options