Features of data table javascript library

When you have enabled the first row of the table as header under “Table Options” section, then the table can                  be converted to a data table by enabling the features under this section.

  • Sorting based on the any of the column just by clicking on the column.
  • Searching / Filtering – allows to show a search box on top right corner of the table and users can filter the results by entering a keyword. This is a very useful feature especially when you have many rows and the content is not visible due to pagination.
  • Enable pagination to show only particular rows with previous / next pagination links at bottom right corner of the table. You can also allow the user to filter and view particular number of rows.
  • Enable horizontal scrolling if you have many columns in the table and add custom commands if you know how to use advanced data tables.
  • Once you have completed the options click the save the changes button. You can also delete, copy and export the table from the all table list page.