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  • March 9, 2019
  • 04 Minutes
  • March 9, 2019
  • 04 Minutes
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Have you ever wonder consider the possibility that there is an application that will guarantee that you will never miss any notification? If you are struggling to find the best Shopify apps that help customers to take faster buying decision and build trust and credibility to your store, then Notification and Bubble Cart is right just for you.

Being used by hundreds and thousands of shop owners across the industries, Notification and Bubble cart is the powerful means of the app which will help to encourage people to buy and increase your sales. Notification and Bubble Cart brings a brick and mortar feeling to an e-commerce site, which shows evidence that there are many happy customers already buying.

Apart from this Notification and Bubble Cart provides an Amazing Favicon Notification which adds the product to the shopping cart specifically (with a fly to cart effect) from the product listing and the product detail pages without reloading page and demonstrating decent notification favicon and quick bubble cart.

This app displays current cart items count with the website’s favicon icon and floating bubble cart.

This app lets you:

  • Decrease the number of abandons by showing a notification directly in the browser
  • Effortlessly grow your store’s conversion rate: within a single click, the module is active, with no impact on theme, design or navigation!

Identix provide Live chat support after installing the App

Fully Customizable:

Notification and Bubble Cart are completely adaptable so store owners can change the notification to fit the store’s look and feel! comprising of:

  • Shape
  • Animation
  • Position
  • Font Style
  • Text Color
  • Blinking Time Interval
  • Font Family
Amazing Features of App:
  • Selection of Favicon’s counter colors
  • Floating bubble cart with different options
  • Blinking Time Interval
  • Admin setting to turn ON/OFF the functionality
  • Easy to install
  • No coding experience is essential to run this

Main functionalities of Notification and Bubble Cart App:

  1. Take Customers back to the cart: Bring customers back, who move off the cart tab with a blinking favicon.
  2. Customize favicon notification: Customize the badge for the favicon notification. Set up it up to match the site design.
  3. 1-click install and setup:1-click install and configuration! Simply include this application, here you begin, you can update it’s design options.

Showing a notification right in the browser will encourage visitors to finish purchases which thus decreases the number of cart abandons. An additional quick way for direct checkout without a cart page load. It’s a discrete and powerful nudge to remind users they have a full cart and encourage them to check out!

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