Cellulite is fat deposits which appear dimpled due to tight fibrous bands in the connective tissue, otherwise known as fascia, pulling and puckering the skin. It affects nearly 90% of women, even those who are slim. Genetics, hormonal imbalances, hormone-based contraceptives, exercise, diet, circulation and lymphatic drainage all play roles in the severity of cellulite.

While traditional massage involves kneading or compression, the Cellulite Treatment Cup achieves a reverse massage, by hand squeezing and releasing the cup against the skin creating a vacuum which pulls, lifts and stretches the connective fibrous tissues in the subcutaneous dermis. This encourages the circulation of healthy nutrient-rich blood to release and flush away toxins through lymphatic system drainage, breaking up and smoothing lumpiness. This convenient, manual tool incorporates principles of traditional Chinese cupping and Endermologie.

Duration : 21 Days
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