SO, WHAT IS PURE RALLY ABOUT EXACTLY? We are proud that we have created one of the most electrifying and unique events in the world; with access being provided by both social media and a continually growing fan base, this shows we only have a bright future ahead.

For some, participating in an international car rally may have only been a distant dream but at an affordable price with the best value and highest standards, Pure Rally is here to make that dream of a lifetime become a reality.

Picking only the best celebrity guests, destinations and accommodation, alongside a whole host of well-known DJ’s, this is the only rally that gives you the sunshine, beautiful women and luxury accommodation and of course, access to VIP nightclubs – we give you a seriously unforgettable time that’s worth every penny.

Founded in the summer of 2013, Pure Rally has not stopped growing since its inception and less than 6 years into its creation, Pure Rally has now held 47 rallies in the UK and Europe and America with all events selling out in record time.

The pure rally has hosted more rallies than any other rally company on the market worldwide.

Duration : 30 Days
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