UI/UX Development

Identixweb offers elegant UI/UX design service that adds a better user experience. Our UI/UX designers create unique and stunning designs that meet your business goals.

Our expertise in UI/UX development

We have excellent UI/UX designers who deliver stunning UI/UX web designs that draw the attraction of users by satisfying the business requirements. Our UI/UX designer creates beautiful designs that drive engagement and bring more users to your business. Hire our UI/UX designer to utilize the benefit of UI/UX design and development from Identixweb UI/UX design company.

  • Experience Design
  • Interface Design
  • Front End Development

Our engagement model

Just like every company chooses its engagement model we have our own ways to ensure our flexibility and responsibilities. Our track record of success is only because of the dedication, hard work and focus on the business goals by our developers to the client’s projects.

A simple engagement model, where Identixweb augments your team with its in-house developers and creative minds.

A milestone-based, time-bound model, which is applicable for requirements that are fixed and unlikely to change.

A milestone-based time-bound model, which is applicable for value-added services (e.g. logo development, branding, UX recommendations)

A strategic engagement model, which is based on actual outcome delivery and services level agreements.

Why excellent UI/UX design for your website?

For anything first impression is the last impression. In the same way, people will look for User Interface while using an app on the phone or the website. Based on the design they will tend to stay on your website or leave the website. Having an excellent UI/UX design will help to decrease the bounce rate of your website.


UI/UX Design Process

UI/UX web design process is typically similar to the thinking approach of design. The design process of UI/UX mainly consists of 6 steps as mentioned below.


Before starting any project our first step is to understand the project clearly. The same process goes for design also. Our UI/UX designer understands the brand and its objective for giving better user experience.


After understanding the project the next step is to conduct research on the questions that we are going to solve.


After conducting research we do analyze with the information that we have gathered. We gather insights from the data collected.


After analyzing we create wireframes. We mainly use Lucidchart and Sketch to create the skeletal framework of a website.


After creating wireframes our UI/UX designers start working on the design. While designing we take care of font size, color, padding and many more.


After completing the entire process we communicate with the development team if there is any correction. After doing the correction and all it's time to launch the product.

Modern architectural approach

Our experts use modern architecture like user research, information architecture, interaction design, usability testing, and content strategy for better user experience.

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