Why you Should Reskin or Optimize your Website?

  • January 10, 2020
  • 7 min
  • January 10, 2020
  • 7 min
Sajini Annie
Sajini Annie
Content Writer

Every business wants to get traffic from their targeted audience. Website reskin and optimizing gives a new look and feel to your current website than the previous one. After optimizing the site you can see a good conversion rate. We take you through the reasons why you should reskin or optimize your website.

A website reskin can help to achieve business goals

Suppose if your main aim is in getting 5 e-mail subscribers then website reskin will help you in achieving the goal of your website. You can feel a new look at your new website which you haven’t received from your old website.

In simple, you have noticed the drawbacks in your old website and corrected them keeping in mind about your business objective. A website reskin will drive more visitors to your website; in fact, it can reach your online aims and goals.

To earn more traffic

As usual, the main goal of reskin or website optimization is to earn more traffic and improve site rankings in search results. But the main aim behind gaining high ranking is to earn more traffic and ideally to convert that traffic into customers and leads.


Here is the organic traffic report of Identixweb after reskin and optimizing the website. You can see the growth of rank #117,407. If you want to bring new users to your site the best way is SEO optimization.

To increase visibility and brand awareness

Every business aims in increasing visibility and brand awareness which you can achieve from Search Engine Optimization. If there is brand awareness, there will be traffic, and if there is traffic, there will be sales.

To increase visibility and brand awareness focus on the keywords that you want to target your audience. By doing SEO it ensures that more people know about your brand and establishes your superiority in the industry.

For better user experience

All business aims to offer better user experience to the users through their service. Similarly, Google’s ultimate goal is also to provide the best possible results for the users. As a result, many new algorithms were updated with an aim to redirect users to the websites that not only provide relevant content but also better user experience.


For better user experience few factors are taken into consideration like user interface, usability, mobile-friendliness, informative and business goals. If all these things are perfect then yes surely you can give a better user experience for your valuable customers. And when you take user experience into consideration you can have a significant impact on your sales and revenue.

To stay ahead of your competitors

By optimizing your website you are not only increasing your rank on Google or coming up in search results, but you are moving ahead of your competitors also. As there are tough competitions in the market to improve your site ranks and maintain consistency is very much important.

This means you will focus more on your keywords for the targeted audience and increase the percentage of clicks for your targeted keywords.

Right keywords help visitors find what they want

When a user searches for something they normally use general keywords related to products and services and they start their search for things that they need. To understand the keywords you should think from the customer point of view. Before focusing on the keywords assume you as a customer and start working on the keywords.


Remember the content should be optimized based on the keywords you choose so that customers can easily find the relevant page for what they are searching for. If you are improving the user experience then naturally you are improving the conversion rate also.

To improve page speed

Page speed is one of the essential factors of ranking factors. Most of the reasons behind the bounce rate are because of the poor page speed. To be honest, nobody has the patience to wait until the page loads. If you are not aware of finding the website speed then use the PageSpeed Insights tool.

You can get both desktop and mobile speed. Apart from that this tool also suggests us to improve the page speed. To improve speed try to minimize your HTML & CSS, optimize the images, remove unwanted elements and plugins.

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