We are unique Wordpress developer and designer.

We are a front-end developer who builds primarily in WordPress. We generally develop custom themes. A full custom WordPress project might include these steps

Site planning: Work with client to develop a sitemap that outlines content and features necessary to serve the goal of the client and expectations of visitors.

Wireframing: Create wireframes for each page type to show what content elements must appear on each page.

Design: Create designs in Photoshop for each page type based on sitemap and wireframes. (Usually this is done by a separate designer, Though sometimes we do this too.)

Install WordPress and any necessary plugins on the hosting account. These would include standard needs such as Google Analytics, SEO and site backups as well as features specific to the project such as calendars and inquiry forms.

Create Custom WordPress theme: Create template and CSS files to build a theme that matches the design and supports the features included in the plan. Write plugins or modify functions.php as needed.

Populate the pages with content.

Test site in various browsers and devices.

Launch site.

Train site owner in regards to maintaining and adding content to the site.