How should I choose a perfect theme for my Shopify store?

  • January 31, 2020
  • 10 Minutes
  • January 31, 2020
  • 10 Minutes
Sajini Annie
Sajini Annie
Content Writer

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when entering a restaurant? 

Quite obvious you may think of its ambience, interiors, hygienic or not and many more factors. 

Similarly, the same things pass through the minds of visitors while visiting your Shopify stores. They can judge your store at a single glance from your colour, design, functionalities, themes used. 

Want a store on Shopify? 

Then look at how to launch a profitable online store on Shopify

Yes, the hard truth in online business is that the chances of visitors getting engaged on your website or store depends on the layout, look and feel of your Shopify store. 

Thus theme plays a very crucial role in the E-commerce business. You can get 100’s of free Shopify themes and premium ones from the Shopify theme store. 

I know what you will be thinking right now. You are confused with choosing the right theme from the Shopify theme store for your Shopify store right? 

Don’t overthink this blog will give you the ideas that will help you to pick the perfect theme for your store. Here are some of the common things to be considered while selecting a theme for your Shopify store

List out your products and product categories

It’s really important to sort out your total products and categories of the products that you are willing to show up in your store. I will tell you why? 

Imagine if you have only 2 categories but the theme that you have selected may contain a large menu that you can expand up to 50 menus, then naturally it may be quite hard for you to manage it. 

If you have 30 categories with subcategories then make sure that the theme matches the desired product and product categories. 


If you have a lesser number of products then choose theme accordingly rather than selecting a theme with more elements and features which can create confusion in the minds of people and you. 

If you are selling a single product then it will be better to show it on the homepage. But if you are planning to sell more products then you can go with a theme which allows a small selection feature on the homepage. 

Consider aesthetics

Before thinking about the theme think about your brand. Think whether the theme that you are going to select will appeal to your customers or not. 

You can see a very heavy theme with more elements and flashy features that you may like, but what if you are running a personal small business then surely that’s not going to be fitting your brand or business.  

Make sure that the look and layout of each and every page work properly or it suits your brand objective. Also, check how the theme works with different sizes mainly on mobile phones. 

Find the theme that fits with your visuals. Many Shopify themes provide the demo or the option of how your products will look in the theme. You can take advantage of it. 

Test whether the theme matches with the desired features

Before selecting a theme to understand the various features that come within a theme and list out them to compare with your desired features that you are planning to apply to your store. 

Once you have done with it now go and check in the Shopify theme store for the theme that satisfies your requirements and fits well with your brand.


If you find a theme with only one feature that you and like while rest of them are missing, then drop them there and go for that theme which has most of the features that you like except. You can get those single features developed from your developer. 

Check your content

One of the main factors to be noted before picking up the theme is to analyze your content. Make a list of the text, images, and videos that you are going to use in your store. 

Now go to the Shopify theme store and select the theme by matching with the requirement. If a theme has a more picture-first approach then and doesn’t offer anything in terms of content then jump to the other theme. 

Still, you don’t find any of them then list out your features and try to match with what the theme offers. 

Consider mobile-friendly theme

Responsive themes are very much important nowadays as most of them are mobile users and half of the sales on Shopify are from mobile phones, tablets, etc. 



This factor should be mainly considered while selecting the theme. Remember if you avoid this step then you can lose many potential customers. 

Another great thing about Shopify’s themes is that the themes are already optimized that work very well on both desktop and mobile phones. 

That means you don’t need to be more worry about this as these themes will work better in your store. 

Validate the reviews and reputation of the theme

What you do while purchasing anything online? No doubt, you may go through the reviews and ratings of the product before you buy them. 

Similarly before picking up the theme for your Shopify store go check the reviews of the theme that what others say about their experience in using the theme and based on that you can simply decide whether to choose the theme or not. 


Support is the main factor that can save the cost of hiring someone to fix something. The Shopify themes give access to Shopify’s theme support team so you need not concern more about it. 


So here we have gone through the common steps to be considered before selecting the theme for your Shopify store. Now it’s your turn to prove your decision making skill in picking up the right theme for your store.

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